A passion for animals, nature and art

Hey there! I’m Soren Cardon, a proud animal enthusiast based in Roeselare, Belgium. I absolutely adore dogs, cats, and all animals, and my mission is to bring joy to fellow animal lovers like you through beautiful pet portraits that truly capture the heart of each furry friend.

I am a proud pet parent to my son, as well as my furry companions – Zack the dog and Lynx the cat. I love spending time outdoors and going for long walks with Zack, who is always up for an adventure. In addition to my love for animals, I am also an active volunteer at Natuurpunt, one of Belgium’s largest nature societies, where I contribute to conservation efforts and enjoy connecting with fellow nature enthusiasts.

As an artist, I’ve always been passionate about various forms of art, starting from traditional media like coloured pencils to transitioning to digital art in 2007. One of the great things about digital art is the flexibility it offers in terms of printing on different products like canvas, mugs, tote bags, and even T-shirts. But don’t worry, I still love working with traditional art mediums like ink, watercolour, coloured pencil, charcoal, acrylic paint, and oil pastels.

In 2022, I took a leap and started my own small business, selling custom pet portraits and opening a webshop with the support of Starterslabo. I offer my services to those who want a unique and personalised portrait of their beloved pet or any other animal. There’s nothing quite like having a portrait of your pet hanging in your home or gifting it to a loved one.

I care about the environment

Production images courtesy of my production partner

As a pet portrait artist and nature enthusiast, sustainability is a core value for me. I believe in making conscious choices to reduce my environmental impact and promote eco-friendly practices in my business.

To achieve this, I ensure that my product collection contains at least 70% organic or recycled materials, or a mix of these materials.I also work with on-demand suppliers, meaning I only produce items when I receive an order, which helps to avoid textile waste from overproduction.

Furthermore, my printing partner uses high-quality printing technology that creates minimal wastewater and consumes less energy compared to standard industry printers. The inks used for printing are Oeko-Tex™ certified, vegan, water-based, and free of harmful chemicals.

Almost every product* you see in my catalogue is made-on-demand, which means that once you place an order, it’s sent to my printing partner to be produced and shipped directly to you. While this may take some time, it allows me to avoid overproduction which cuts down on landfill long term. You can check out the delivery times here.

When it comes to handmade pet products, such as bandanas and pet toys, I strive to use scraps of leftover materials that would otherwise be unused or thrown away. Some of these materials are sourced from thrift stores or old clothing destined for the trash. For the materials I do have to purchase, I ensure that they are as eco-friendly as possible.

By purchasing my products, you can be assured that you are taking steps towards a greener future, while still receiving the high-quality products you deserve.

*except hand made products such as portraits, bandanas and pet toys

My pets


I’m Zack, the fluffiest floofer. I am a rescue dog who was adopted by Soren and serve as the inspiration for him to create all of the wonderful pet products you can see on this website.

My favourite pastimes include going for long walks, being brushed (but I hate to be bathed), chewing my rawhide bones, and sleeping under Soren’s desk while he works.



a.k.a. the baby. I’m a mischievous little kitten who loves to pester her big brother Zack, and help Soren with his art, although he doesn’t appreciate when I lay on his drawing tablet. I can usually be found creating chaos around the house, and running wild until I’m tired and then want on Soren’s lap.

I’m also great at shredding paper with my little pointy
teeth. Sometimes I accidentally shred something I’m not supposed to though.

Together with Zack, we keep Soren on his toes and ensure he takes regular breaks while he’s working.

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