Pet portraits

Want a unique portrait of your furry to remember them by? Perhaps as a gift for someone else? Or just for fun? You’ve come to the right place. At Ōkami we care about creating quality portraits that you’ll love and can cherish. Our goal isn’t just to draw your pet but capture their unique character. 

How it works

Step 1: choose your size and what you want your portrait printed on

You can choose between poster paper or canvas. Would you like it printed on something else? Don’t hesitate to ask. See below for our printing options Bust from €150* excluding printing and shipping costs. Full body from €250* excluding printing and shipping costs. For each extra pet +€100 Basic background: free in colour of your choice. Detailed background: ask for a quote. All prices include VAT

Step 2: pic a few good quality pictures of you pet

Select some good pictures of your pet’s face or body from all angles. Preferably in good neutral lighting. Makes sure the picture is not blurry and your pet’s markings are clear. If need be we will ask for more pictures. 

Tell us a little about your pet: are they lazy or playful? Intelligent or maybe a bit stubborn? Is there perhaps a favourite toy your pet should be holding? Do you have a preference for what kind of expression your pet should have or would you like to leave it up to the artist?

Step 3: deposit and payment

Once we have a picture of your pet and what dimensions you want it drawn on you will receive a quote of how much the price will be. If you wish to secure a spot on our commission list then you will be required to play a 20% deposit of the full price. After we have received the deposit a concept sketch will be drawn and sent to you within 1-2 business days. Should you still want adjustments done to the artwork then this is best done during the concept stage. If you are happy with the concept then the artist will continue to work on your artwork. This can take up to two weeks. 

Step 4: final pictures and shipping

After the artwork is complete will send pictures of it for final approval before printing. Our goal is to make sure our portraits are perfect and our clients are satisfied. Once printed we will send another picture before packaging and shipping. We package all of our pet portraits with great care and want the perfect presentation when you open them. Because we spent so much time and effort on each unique piece, we wish to pack them well.

First of all, we wrap the canvas in cellophane to protect it from dust. Then we select the correct sized box before shipping it to you. 
For prints that you would like to frame yourself, we will package it in a tube. 

Our shipping prices are as follows:


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